Saturday, February 16, 2008


We went to Portland to check out the Handmade Bicycle Show, and to check out Portland itself.

Carey was there "working" for Raleigh, which, on Saturday afternoon, involved sitting around an outdoor fireplace drinking beer. And talking about bikes, of course.

Brian was working hard, too.

We met Ryan, who is also from Colorado, and has a funny and infectious laugh.

Carey and Brian took us to the Gold Sprints, which was a little bit like a boxing match on bikes.

Some of the competitors were wearing their best designer sportswear.

The bikes are set up on stationary trainers and hooked up to a computer. You track who is winning on a pie chart on the screen behind them. It was very Triplets of Belleville, minus the kidnapping part.

One of Carey's friends, Dylan, was wearing this great shirt, embroidered by his grandma. She made it for him when he was eight--for him to grow into. He has almost grown into it.

I cheered for Team Gentle Lovers, mostly.

They had a thing for unicorns.

Carey let us sleep on the floor of her room at The Ace Hotel.

On Sunday we went to see the bikes. I think this one was cheating. It is so obviously machine-made.

Bikes are really hard to photograph--especially when they are on display in a convention center.

This one was made of bamboo and horns.

Free cookie!

Remember Jessica, the official photographer of the Cowboy Poetry Gathering? She is also the official photographer of the handmade bikes. We got to talk to her a little more at the bike show.

And Ross got recruited as her assistant.

There were so many gorgeous bikes there, and the winning bike makers get one of these awesome trophies.

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