Thursday, September 24, 2009


Backtracking yet again...One of the last things I did in Seattle was attend the New Belgium Brewery's Tour de Fat. New Belgium beers are brewed in Ft. Collins, and our pal Jason "Baron von Hamburger" Knauf was on the tour this summer. Plus, New Belgium beer is tasty, and the brewery is really into bikes, so of course we had to go. Events included a funeral procession for The Car.

And an awesome performance by Portland's Sprockettes. Seriously, these girls made me want to form a bike dance troupe of my own. It looked like a lot of fun, and they reminded me of the silly dances, air bands, and magic shows my sisters, friends and I used to practice and perform in the backyard.

But watching Jason's performance as the evil Baron von Hamburger was definitely the highlight of the day.

Jason joined the circus last winter, the Squirm Burpee Circus, that is. Who'da thunk a person could make a living as a vaudeville performer in this day and age?

Jason makes a really excellent villain.

And he let me try on his cap and moustache after the show.

I practiced my evil laugh. Who knows when a girl might need to laugh evilly? I need more practice. My laugh was weak.

But Craig and Jake were scared anyway.

Ross von Hamburger looked kind of noble...

The Baron tools around on this crazy monkey-powered bikemobile. Dan and Mike Huling, the original Handsome Little Devils, designed and built this vehicle, and made all their props and costumes.

And with that, Hamburger pedaled off into the rusted remnants of the Seattle Gasworks.


ud said...

Me gusta Hamburger!

The Baron said...

Shena! This is awesome! I'm not sure I told you this not but your a fantastic writer and documenter(?) I'm going top send everyone to this link when they ask me what I do! I miss you guys! Keep in touch!

The evil Baron!